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A Fine Jewelry Experience Like No Other For the Woman Who Is Like No Other

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

My relationship with Paolo A Modern Jeweler began back in 2016. I was dating a professional flintknapper at the time who was home visiting from Alaska. "What is a flitknapper?!" I would have asked myself the same thing. A flintknapper hand carves stones into working knives and this guy's happens to be beautiful works of art that he also hunts wild salmon and elk with. Ok, moving on. His Mother was at an Expo and won a certificate for a date night, which she generously gifted to us. Included was a driver who picked us up, a glass of wine, $200 toward Paolo's jewelry, a complimentary cleaning for a piece of your own jewelry, and a $50 gift card to Prime where our night would conclude with dinner and a ride back home. Oh, was I excited! Particularly as a full-time single mom with two little ones at home. This night sounded like stepping into a reality of luxury and pampering, if only for night...I felt like Cinderella. I brought in a small opal that Brian had hand-carved, and Paolo turned it into a sweet pendant that showcased this piece of art.

Fast forward 5 years, and I have begun a small collection of Paolo's modern, unique jewelry that come with memories of feeling like Cinderella. Featured here is my latest piece, the Diamond Split Bar Pendant in 14K gold. From the moment you step into Paolo A Modern Jeweler in Clifton, you know your experience isn't going to be like any other. First, you are greeted with not one, but several drink options to choose from. You take your time sipping your wine or cocktail while lounging on the couch or gazing through pearls, amethyst, opal (my favorite), and more. From Paolo designs to estate pieces, some hand picked by Paolo himself, there is sure to be one (or three) designs that catch your eye or resonate with your unique energy.

This past visit, a large Boulder Opal caught my eye and I began dreaming up what we might create with it. I didn't mention, Paolo also creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to make a statement. I shared with him what I was envisioning, and minutes later we were at his desk, mapping out a one-of-a-kind necklace that was just what I was envisioning: big, funky, and boho chic. And it didn't stop there. He is using two small pieces of Boulder Opal to create earrings to match, and brought to the table the most exquisite citrine ring I have ever seen. If this chunk of citrine doesn't kick up my creativity and abundance, I don't know what will! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the revealing of my one-of-a-kind necklace, earrings, and an estate citrine ring that I am convinced will be giving me some kind of super power. I will let you know when I discover what that will be!


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