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“Lauren, I wanted to thank you for the experience of having you as a life coach.  It caused dreams on paper to become a reality. Although things are not always easy or crystal clear you shared tools to assist with staying grounded along with how to press through to the other side when trials, fear or adversity are trying to hold me back.  Those nuggets can be used throughout the rest of my life.  Working with you has reminded me that I’m MORE THAN a conqueror! What a treat this has been! I wish you much success in all that you were created to do!”


“Love my looks! Lauren shopped my closet. She put together 15 new looks from just a few items in my closet. They were clothes that I hadn't been able to style with a closet mate. The new looks are creative, comfortable and Carolynish. That's exactly what I wanted. Lauren is stylish, professional and fun.”


Lauren Roth Personal Styling
Lauren Roth Personal Styling

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lauren for the past few months. She is a positive breath of fresh air. She has helped me think through, prioritize and plan for things in line with my goals and even organically unveil what it is I really need to focus on that has been slightly different from what I originally planned. She is kind, patient, genuine, and has a really nice calming presence while keeping things focused. I have been able to rethink the direction I want to move in in a meaningful, productive way. I value her support and grateful to have a chance to work with her.”

Jan K.

"I came across Lauren’s Life Coaching work from Facebook. I am glad I contacted her to see if I can be one  of her clients. When I approached her, my life was in the middle of great transition. First benefit I got out of it was that she helped me prioritize and organize the things  I want to do in life in the next following days. My work with her gave me confidence that I actually can  do all of those in my life. She helped me find what motivates me. I thank Lauren for helping get here and help me accomplish the transitions I wanted to get into my life in such a great speed and efficiency. I hope many more people will benefit from Lauren’s intuition and Life Coaching skills in their own lives. I recommend her."

Hamza K.


I can't thank you enough for that amazing energy cleanse you did with me on Sunday evening. One of those times is around the anniversary of my mother's passing just to try to cope with it. Those walls don't seem to be there so much right now. You are an extraordinary woman, Lauren, and I feel blessed for the few occasions in which we've had time to get to know each other a little better. Especially Sunday. You have a heart of gold. And you are such a beautiful person, inside and out. My life is truly enriched by having you in it. Thank you again for this most precious gift. 

Peggy L.

"Lauren helped me to realize how many outfits I already have and that they can have a completely different look with the right accessories. She also helped me transition many of my summer clothes into fall/winter outfits. She was quick and knowledgeable and I feel like I learned a lot."

Sarah D.


"I had a wonderful experience with Lauren.  She was a pleasure to work with as she sorted, organized and coordinated my closets.  We shopped together which was productive and fun too, and her suggestions were great.  Lauren put together outfits from my wardrobe that I would not have thought of myself, and I have been wearing them with confidence.  It has made me think “outside my box” for putting outfits together on my own.


I highly recommend Lauren for styling, organizing, life coaching, etc.  She has great energy, creativity and style.  Thank You Lauren!!!!!"

Carol C.

I worked with Lauren to create a capsule wardrobe for the year I would be living in London. Lauren's direction and guidance helped me create a comprehensive and coherent wardrobe that would be versatile for the whole year. While building this wardrobe she was able to give guidance for long-term fashion decisions which was really helpful!


I've really enjoyed having a smaller comprehensive wardrobe that allows me to feel confident everyday! 

Elizabeth R.

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