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City Gospel Church Donations

Hello neighbors,

My name is Lauren Roth and my girls and I moved to Terrace Park in November. Over the next two weeks, I am going to be collecting men's clothing for the City Gospel Mission. They work with Jobs Plus who trains men for interviews to help them get back into the work force. Some of the men are residents of the shelter, some are a part of the church, and others come in from off the streets. Sometimes they are just looking for warm clothes, but they mainly help these men who need to look presentable so they can land a job.

Right now, City Gospel Mission is taking everything. Here is what you can donate:

Suits (in fair condition)






Imagine helping someone get a job with the simple act of donating an outfit that is no longer worn. All of this can help a man get back onto his feet.

I would love to see how much we can gather as a neighborhood! Please drop your things off on my porch, or I can pick it up from your porch. I can also help if anyone needs another pair of eyes to go through their clothes and decide what it is time to get rid of.

I will be taking clothing until Saturday Feburary 13th and will be dropping it off on Sunday the 14th...Valentine's Day! Feel free to call or email if you have questions or would like help. Thank you and I will take a picture of all I have collected and send that out!


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